My Grownup Checklist

Hi Loves! Today, I wanted to share with you the top 5 items on my grown-up checklist. One of the most challenging and adventurous aspects of life is setting goals and beginning new journeys. Since I'm approaching adulthood very soon, I decided to create this Grown-Up Checklist, similar to the bucket list of want to accomplish as an adult!

1. Traveling LOTS with friends and family! Every time I return from a vacation, I get to learn something new about myself. Embarking on these adventures and discovering the world and yourself are important steps to living a fulfilling life! 

2. Living a clean, minimalistic life. Some days, our values may be clouded by the materialistic aspects of life. I believe that living a minimalistic life will really open my eyes and allow me to focus on life, its journey, and the beauty of the world, instead of the materialistic things. Plus, having a clean environment to work and live in clears the mind of clutters, allowing me to be more motivated to get things done!

3. Account for my spending. For the past year, I suddenly felt like spending money was WAY easier than saving money and spending wisely. So in my bullet journal, I decided to keep track of my spending for a few months and see how much my living cost would be. I accounted for the little shopping sprees, the lunch money, the toiletries. Everything. The sum was actually very shocking! So over the summer, I ended up making more of my own lunches and it felt great. Not only did my body get cleansed of unhealthy foods and toxins, but I've also felt a lot healthier, customing my own foods, eating more salads, and living this simpler lifestyle. For those of you transitioning from high school to college, or from college to adulthood, it's great to start this method to account for your spendings, just to see how much your living cost will be. This is the perfect method for keeping a balanced budget!

4. Drinking LOTS of water! Now, I don't mean binge-drinking water as if I was a girl at the bar drinking away my sorrows. I want to drink the average human's water consumption, which is about 6-8 cups of water daily. Over the entire summer, I got this Mira 24-oz Water bottle from Amazon and it's the perfect water bottle to maintain my water intake. I just need to drink 2-3 bottles of this and I'm set! The best part is, it's insulated! It keep cold water cool for 24 hours and hot water warm for 12 hours. Now, by the end of the 24 hours, the water won't be ice cold. But it's still pretty chill! I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this amazing water bottle because it's so worth the investment!

5. Do what I love, earn lots of money, give back to the community, and start a charity for abused and abandoned animals. Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to become a humanitarian and start my own charity. Even today, my life's biggest goal is to earn enough money for me to start my own charity for abandoned and abused animals. By earning lots of money, I would be able to establish my own farm/care facility for abused and abandoned animals. Animals are the most loyal creatures a human can have as a companion. Yet, when they're abused, they can't speak for themselves. Humans are always fighting for women's rights, racial equality, wage equality for both genders. But animals can't fight for their own causes when humans are the cause of their abandonment. So I'll fight for them. If the these abused animals regain their happiness, and if our community bands together to aid in this cause, that'll make me a happy lil human being :)

6. Saving up early. Recently, I've read that 40% of millennials don't have current plans for retirement! People of this generation have gained the strength to spend instead of the power to save, making the economy plumage more than ever. Teens of this generation are entering the most debt any generation has experienced before. The worst part is, after graduating from college, they continue to spend and leave the idea of "debt to return" for a decade later. Why not save early? Why not start saving for your future children, so they can have an easier life, financially? Why not pay back your debts early? Why not get rid of this financial burden before it becomes a leash holding you back from a brighter future? One of the best financial tools/apps to budget your personal capital is the app "Personal Capital Money and Investing" by Personal Capital Corporation. It's a free analytics tool that'll aid you in finding YOUR financial strategy in budgeting your lifestyle! While being an independent adult feels fun, don't forget to keep an eye on the future and save up!

Those are the Top 6 Items on my Grown-Up Checklist! I hope these tips to becoming a responsible adult helped!
Til Next time!
                                                  ♡Keep Smiling, Stay Postive, Be Safe




  1. This really inspired me to do some tweaks in my life :)


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