What's In My Bag TAG + My Essentials

Hi Loves! One of my favorite videos, images and blog posts to read about are "What's In My Bag Tags." It's the curiosity of wondering what's in a girl's bag that sparks my interest in writing this post! I thought I would share with you my purse essentials!

First off, this has been my go-to everyday bag whenever I'm not in school. It's a Michael Kors Selma Bag in Blush Pink in Medium Size. I absolutely love the saffiano leather  because it keeps the bag's sturdy structure and allows for the leather to be scratch-resistant. It's easy to manage, sleek to carry around, and durable! I got this in the Summer of 2016 and it was limited to select boutiques, so I'm sadly unsure if this color is still available. This is one of my favorite bags not only because it's so durable, but because the color is beautiful. It's the perfect pink for a pop of color and neutral enough to mute an outfit.

Side View

1. Prescription Glasses

2. Sunglasses: Protect those eyes from the sun! My favorites are my go-to Ray Bans.

3. ID Pouch: Keeping my school ID, work ID, and keys is essential for entering places!

4. Makeup Pouch (More on that later)

5. Wallet by Radley London

6. Tangle Teezer Brush: This is the absolute perfect brush for on the go. Tangle teezers are very gentle on the hair and makes detangling your hair an easy job to get accomplished in a minimum amoutn of time. It's easy to stick in my purse, it has a sleek design in its packaging (making it perfect to grab in your purse), and the bristles are protected by a cover! Most importantly, it's compact! I've loved the Macadamia Tangle Teezers that I keep at home.  They detangle your hair, especially when your hair is wet. It minimizes hair strand breakage! The only downside from the Macadamia Tangle Teezer was that it was slightly larger and didn't have a cover for its bristles. All in all, I absolutely LOVE tangle teezers! It's magic!

7. Pink 'Warm and Cozy' Body Mist: It's a very flirty, sweet, warm fragrant that I love for on-the-go

8. Pocket Tissues Kleenex: Have to be prepared for any surprises!

9. Apple Earbuds: Personally, I love Apple earbuds. They're the only earbuds that actually stay in my ear!

10. Burt's Bee's Cuticle Cream: This cream works WONDERS for your cuticles. It keeps it moisturized and smooth! I apply this in the morning, evening, and at night. It does wonders to your cuticles and smooths out any ridged areas on your nail bed and your cuticles. For best results, use it overnight! I don't know what my cuticles would look like without this product. It's also the only product that shows results within a day. It's very affordable, sold at most drugstores.

11. Trader Joe's Organic Peppermints: Keep that breath fresh! These are pretty good, gets the job done.

12. Wet Ones: This world is filled with millions upon millions of germs. You're always exposed to them, from elevator buttons to door handles. It's always great to have these wipes or sanitizer to kill those germs.

13. 2016-2017 Ban.do Agenda + Post its + Pen: For, a quick jogging of an idea, planning/scheduling events and meetings, jotting down a reminder. I'm also very picky with my pens. These are my favorite ball point pens (not gel) because they write very smoothly, aren't heavy, are PINK but write in black ink, and get everything done. (Always use a ballpoint pen for important documents!)

My Makeup Bag:
1. ZUZU Luxe Face Powder Foundation: It's not really enough to be a foundation, so I carry it around as a regular, matte powder. I LOVE Zuzu cometics because it's a natural, organic makeup brand. It's a vegan, gluten-free cosmetics line, which is much better for the skin. Available online and at Whole Foods Market.
2. E.L.F Kabuki Brush
3. Hair Ties
4. Band-Aids
5. Burt's Bee's Chapstick in Peppermint
6. Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Rose
7. Burt's Bee's Lip Crayon in Carolina Coast (the PERFECT summer baby pink shade)
8. Box of Bobby Pins
9. Extra Contacts
10. NARS Lip Liners in Rikugien (Sample Sized: Satin Finish) and Bahama (Velvet Matte): These are THE PERFECT mauvy tones, "My Lips But Better" tone. They last ALL DAY, have amazing color payoff, and don't dry my lips either!

That's all of it! 
Til Next Time!
Keep Smiling, Stay Postive, Be Safe



  1. This is so fun! I love everything, especially the pics!


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