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To the peeps who love to look fabulous every day,

We can spend an hour trying to figure out what outfit to wear . There's so many different factors we have to consider! From the weather, the temperature, hours needed to spend in the outfit, to our moods and favorite statement pieces, we struggle with picking out the right outfit. But why not save this hour and shorten it to a maximum of 15 minutes?

During my freshman year of high school, I used to spend 30 minutes trying to pick out an outfit to wear for school. All throughout my life, I had to wear the same uniform every day to school. As a fashion lover, picking out the right outfit and the right accessories was crucial in defining my mood for the day. However, these 30 minutes would be taken out of my bedtime. I soon realized that if I can only take 5-10 minutes to pick out my outfit, I would gain 20 more minutes to sleep! Personally, I can function without caffeine, but not without enough sleep. So, I figured out a few solutions that I use to shorten my outfit-choosing process.

1. Pick Outfit out the night before school.
This is probably the easiest solution for beginners. Instead of waking up and spending 30 minutes to pick out your outfit, then realizing you don't like it and change it (while also running late) can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to you in a day. Picking out an outfit at night will let you sleep better overnight because you won't have that stressful factor of not knowing what to wear in the morning! It eliminates unnecessary stress while improving your quality of sleep!

2. Weekend Planning
I always try to set aside 45 minutes every weekend to completely clean my room and organize my closet for the week. If I had the spare time, I would hang complete outfits on hangers and hang them in order in my closet, so that they're handy and easily accessed throughout the week. Keep in mind, I consider the weather/temperature, events/presentations that I'll be attending. I also have plan Bs for those days where you debate whether to wear a dress or leggings.

3. OOTD Pictures
I'm sure we've all heard of OOTD (Outfit-Of-The-Day) Pictures all over social media. However, this method does not require you to upload them to the internet. You can take pictures of your outfits for personal use! Simply take a picture of every single outfit you would wear over the course of a few weeks. Soon, you'll have an entire ALBUM of outfits to choose from! It'll be your own look-book! Whenever you want to choose an outfit, you can easily access these pictures for a general idea of your outfit, then tweak it here and there (shoes, accessories, etc) to make it a new look! Easy!

These are my top 3 suggestions. Let's stop the unnecessary stress!
Hope this helped!
Luv you!
- C


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