My Happy Color: Blush Pink

Hi Lovelies!
With the summer coming to an end, I thought I would end it on a simple, positive note.

In the past year or so, the new "it" color have been, what I like to call, "off-neutrals." There's the off greys, the blue-greys/grey-azures, the sandy beige, the grey lavendars, the mauvy neutrals, and my favorite, blush white/blush pink. These "off-neutrals" are the basic neutrals, but with a hint of a pastel undertone. Personally, I think these are the perfect transition colors from winter to summer, vice versa. They're also the perfect neutral color in an accessory or in a closet piece that can serve as a basic neutral color but also add the perfect hint of color to everyday wear or serve as a soft touch to parties and events.

One of my favorite neutrals is blush pink. It's what I consider my "happy color." Lately, I've been able to find a lot of wardrobe pieces, accessories, and supplies for back to school season in this chic color and it's made me so happy. I have this beautiful Michael Kors Selma Bag in blush pink (that I've previously made a post on for What's In My Bag) that I've been using nearly all year because it's the perfect neutral for any outfit, but also adds a hint of my favorite shade: blush pink. Seeing this color warms my heart because it's such a beautiful, delicate, lovely color. It reminds me of the beauty of newly bloomed cherry blossoms. Whenever I'm stressed, I can look over to this color and it can brighten my day and relieve my stress. 

My Clarisonic brush cleanser is also in this baby blush pink color. Since I use my Clarisonic nearly every day, every time I use it, whether it's before the day starts or before bed, it instantly brightens my day! (If you'd like to purchase some great "pink" face care collections, check out Glossier!) To see this color floating around my work space, my room, and my school environment brightens my day. 

My agenda for the 2016-2017 year is in this beautiful white watercolor floral print with a base blush pink color. To write my plans for the day and check off my completed tasks in this notebook instantly lifts my mood.
Blush Pink.
It's my eye candy.
It's my happy color.

Let me know what your "happy color" is! It might be hot pink, fluorescent yellow, or a special color that only you have a name for.

PS. Heads up on one of my favorite topics that'll be posting about: Fall Fashion + Trends!

Til Next Time!
Keep Smiling, Stay Postive, Be Safe



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