My Dream Vanity

Ever wonder what your dream vanity would look like? Scrolling through Pinterest, I stumbled on pictures of beautifully put-together vanities and I instantly fell in love. Whether these "dream vanity" setups come true or not, who knows? Maybe my tastes will evolve or maybe they'll diverge into a completely different direction! As of now, these are a few Pinterest snapshots illustrating my dream vanity!

I would LOVE to have my vanity next to a rack of clothing that embodies the trends or styles that I'm currently loving! What's better than getting ready next to a rack of your favorite wardrobe pieces?

Ideally, my vanity would be located right in front of a huge window! I love getting ready in front of natural lighting and the morning sunlight wakes me up for the day. My favorite type of windows is floor-to-ceiling windows because it really brings out the scenery and the views into my home. As for the vanity table, I would definitely layer the top of the table with a sheet of glass to protect the table from the products that I get ready with. Plus, a glass tabletop is easier to clean off.

If my apartment doesn't have huge panels of windows, I would love for my vanity to have a huge mirror! It would be hassle-free to get ready with and it would instantly expand my room. I don't know... I feel like big mirrors and big windows make the room feel magical!

Lastly, I would LOVE for there to be a chandelier or some type of interesting lighting (maybe lanterns?) above my vanity. It adds a flare to my getting-ready area.
Overall, my vanity would be neutral tones of grey, golds, tans or dusty/mauvy pinks. I want to keep it neutral but elegant and classy!

That's my dream vanity setup! What are yours? Special thanks to Arhaus for reaching out to me for this awesome post idea!

Disclaimer: These photos were found on Pinterest.

Til Next Time!
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